Alf Kristian has 10 years of experience programming on the JVM, primarily Java. The last 6 years he has sought better solutions and languages, since he thinks Java the language, and its numerous frameworks, simply is not good enough. He is a believer in functional programming, and hence has a deep interest in Scala and Clojure.

His commitment to FP on the JVM, has lead him to give many talks, workshops, and organize several user groups meetups for FP. He is currently co-founder and organizer of Oslo Socially Functional Programmers, which aims to to promote the use of FP in Oslo.

Alf Kristian works as a programmer and consultant for Kodemaker, and is currently very happy programming Clojure at work.

In this two hour workshop you will learn the basics of Clojure. You will get the theoretical intro to the language, mixed with hands on tasks, solving failing unit tests. The tasks will be solved with the amazing new IDE Light Table.

If you plan to join this session, please set up your computer beforehand. It should only take about 5 minutes. Instructions at