A polyglot programmer, Brendan has made various contributions to Open Source in the past including building a Linux Driver for the Lego Mindstorms system — which now ships with the kernel. He is currently a Sr. Software Developer at Netflix, working in Scala. He has previously served as a Consultant/Instructor at Typesafe, and as the MongoDB Scala evangelist, traveling the world to speak at conferences, and conduct professional consulting and training. Travel highlights included the JavaZone bike trip from hell in Finse, doing a customer consult in beautiful, sunny Malta, and running MongoDB training in such exotic locales as Yerevan, Armenia. While at MongoDB he also developed and maintained Casbah, the MongoDB driver for Scala, and a connector to integrate Hadoop + MongoDB.

Find out the architecture Netflix (producers of such fine entertainment as "Lillyhammer" & "Arrested Development") is using for their next generation device metadata APIs – specifically, the tech stack & development+deployment processes. We will explore demonstrate real world use cases which make Scala stand out as a choice programming language for for building clean, beautiful, RESTful APIs with tools such as Swagger+Scalatra. Techniques will be demonstrated for producing & consuming JSON (json4s), as well as sending HTTP Requests (Dispatch), using MySQL & Cassandra, and Caching. We will also explore Scala testing frameworks, and how they plug into our larger CI/CD infrastructure, with discussions of quite a bit of Netflix OSS components.

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