Christian is a passionate programmer working with Oslo-based consultancy Kodemaker. He's a man of eclectic background, having worked with everything from Unix systems tuning and ops to various server-side applications and JavaScript heavy frontend development.

Christian is the author of "Test-Driven JavaScript Development", and he maintains several open source projects, including the JavaScript test-framework Buster.JS and the popular mocking framework Sinon.JS. Functional programming has been a growing interest the past years, and after some time with the wonderful world of Clojure and its immutable data types, he realized there was no going back.

Various JavaScript toolkits have been offered the past few years to enable the use of functional patterns on the frontend. While these tools promote composable APIs and pure functions to a certain degree, UI programming is still encumbered with stateful MV*-like frameworks, or just plain dirty DOM manipulation.

Facebook's React is an interesting approach to UI programming in the browser that does away with manual DOM manipulation all together, and more closely resembles classic UI programming. Combine this approach with the immutable data structures of Clojurescript, and we're really getting somewhere.

In this talk I will explore the path to fully functional UI programming in the browser through React, Clojurescript, Om (React for Clojurescript) and other tools.

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