Doug Tangren works on patience and platform at Meetup and is a co-organizer of the New York Scala Enthusiasts. An open advocate for exploratory programming and contributor to a number of Scala libraries and sbt plugins.

The current state of the software ecosystem is ever ripe for marketing teams to work their influence on engineering teams, but there is still opportunity for engineers to give the "tiller orders" and steer the industry in new directions. Scala is in a unique position among programming languages in the wide array of design facilities it affords you. There are many choices to select from, but you can learn to be much more powerful by selecting fewer of them and thinking solely in terms of "primitive" abstractions. This lends itself to smaller, more reusable and easier to understand software, all of which should be goals of any software project. This talk explores this idea in the context of the current Scala ecosystem and in how Scala-provided primitives, like Futures, give you a basis for defining your own reusable primitives to create beautiful abstractions.

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