Miles has been doing stuff with Scala for the last ten years, most recently with _.underscore and Precog. His best known project, the Scala generic programming library shapeless, is the weapon of choice wherever boilerplate needs to be scrapped or arities abstracted over.

Rumours to the contrary, he does exist at runtime, and can often be found walking in the South Downs around his home in Brighton with a camera and an unfeasibly energetic (and usually very muddy) English Springer Spaniel named Tigger.

An extended workshop on the concepts, techniques and new features in shapeless 2.0.

The workshop will start with a walkthrough of various parts of the library, focussing particularly on its support for generic programming, followed by dojo style challenges using, extending or borrowing ideas from shapeless to solve problems chosen by the participants. With any luck we might be able to generate a few useful pull requests against the project by the end of the session.

If you're already using shapeless and have topics you'd like to work through then bring them with you. And if you have questions about the new toys in shapeless 2.0, or are new to it and just want to know what all the fuss is about, then this is the perfect event for you.